The 9 most annoying office phrases

The 9 most annoying office phrases

Picture the scene. You’re sitting in a meeting, probably your third of the day, when one of your back-benching colleagues decides it’s been too long since anyone heard his voice, so drops some innate and meaningless buzzwords; just to remind you all that they are still there. And participating.

The rule of annoying office jargon has gone too far. Ridiculous words and passive-aggressive phrases that are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. After completing a study on this topic, Lynn Cahillane, Communications Manager at, said: “As we spend a large proportion of our daily lives at work, business jargon can sometimes help us identify with colleagues and it’s easy to pick up and repeat common workplace sayings.

“But, as our research has shown, it can also be confusing and in some cases, extremely irritating. In fact, many companies implement a jargon-free policy in the workplace to ensure conversations are easy to digest.

“So, rather than fall back on clichéd workplace phrases, think about the point you want to get across and how to express it in a more simple and direct way – you may actually see more positive results.”

A new survey from Workfronts, and reported by Ladders, highlighted nine of the most overused and annoying office phrases for 2017. After interviewing over 2,000 US workers, the study claims to have found the most grating.

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