Which workers can expect the best pay-rise?

Which workers can expect the best pay-rise?

With increased focused on stagnant wages and public sector pay caps, many workers are likely feeling undervalued by their employers.

However, for workers in certain sectors, they can expect to see their pay packets rise with salaries touted to grow in 2018. Technology workers are set for a boost to their wage packets. They come out on top of the pile, with an expected starting salary increase of almost two per cent next year.

Workers in admin and office support, as well as accounting and finance, are also expected to receive an increase of over one per cent to their base salaries. Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half noted that increasing salaries are indicative of firms fighting for the best talent.

He said: "In an effort to win the war for top talent, organisations are willing to pay a price for those with the right skills to support their business goals. In the face of an expanding skills shortage, organisations are thinking about what they can offer alongside competitive salaries to attract new staff and entice experienced professionals with the right skills to join the business.

“Rather than just competing on salary alone, many businesses are looking beyond pay and at the full package they can offer to keep staff engaged, motivated and happy.”

To find out which industries and exact job titles are expected to receive the biggest boost to wages in 2018, click next.

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