Meet the first UK firm to offer term-time only contracts

Meet the first UK firm to offer term-time only contracts

Working parents are often faced with a tough decision – to choose between their careers, and their children. Although employers and the Government have been paying attention to the lack of support and equality when it comes to working parents, the dilemma remains.

Over half of Millennial fathers would prefer a less stressful job to help more with child-rearing, despite experts warning of a ‘fatherhood penalty’ for those wanting to spend more time with their families. According to the 2017 Modern Families Index, 48% of younger fathers would take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.

One-fifth of fathers said their employer expected no disruption to work when it came to childcare, while 44% admitted lying to their employer about family-related responsibilities that ‘get in the way’ of work.

Perhaps businesses should take inspiration from Glasgow-based Pursuit Marketing, who are the first private sector firm in the UK to introduce term-time only positions. The initiative will see those who take up term-time roles receive all school holidays off and working hours of 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Lorraine Gray, Operations Director at Pursuit, explains why they introduced the initiative: “Last year we introduced a four-day week for our staff, without cutting pay, and productivity soared…so this is a natural progression of that policy.

“Parents often feel torn between work and spending time with their children, especially during their early years, and this solution resolves that dilemma, allowing them to be at their desks during term time and at home with their children during the various school holidays.

“These working hours have, until now, only been available to those employed within the education sector, and Pursuit Marketing are delighted to be the first private sector organisation in the UK to provide the ultimate work life balance for parents.”

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