Amazon recruiter did THIS to hire diversely & it totally failed

Amazon recruiter did THIS to hire diversely & it totally failed

Firms have a responsibility to be inclusive, but treating diversity as a box-ticking exercise will never work.

However, an Amazon Web Services recruiter sent an email to a woman with “Diversity HIRE” in the subject line.

The email, which was shared online, was to encourage a female to apply for a software engineering position – The Register reports.

The subject line, however, 'Diversity HIRE :: JOB :: Software Engineer @ Amazon,' was indicative of the recruiters intention to meet certain criteria, making it less about the candidate and more about the issue.

Marilyn Loden, an Author and diversity consultant, told The Register that the recruiter’s email was a poor way to approach diversity. "You don't put people in a category that is going to put them at a disadvantage," she said. "The way to integrate groups that are disadvantaged is not to call attention to them."

She adds that this method feeds into a feeling, shared by many female tech candidates, that they’re only being hired because of gender. "That just makes everyone in the organisation angry and encourages the perception that this is not a merit-based hire," she said.

In 2014, the online retailer faced criticism for its lack of diversity, after it came to light that 63% of its workers and 75% of its managers worldwide were men.

However, Amazon has made attempts to diversify. In 2016, the number of black and Hispanic workers rose. Although a February 2017 report by OpenMic, a non-profit that advocates for racial diversity, noted, "Amazon's US employees of colour are often found in underpaying warehouse jobs with poor benefits, rather than in tech jobs that pay well and offer good benefits."

Furthermore, gender diversity remains stagnant. The breakdown among Amazon managers around the world remains 75% male, 25% female.

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