Should employees use emojis at work?

Should employees use emojis at work?

If someone had told you ten years ago that you would be having entire conversations using only small, strange looking pictures, you’d quite rightly think them mad.

And yet, since the birth of emojis that’s exactly what we’re all doing. Symbols which denote every single emotion, as well as icons for practically every household item, are readily exchanged via messaging apps as a quick and efficient response.

But, though they are prevalent in our personal lives, is it ever okay to use emojis at work? Well, according to a study from messaging app Cotap in 2014, 74% of workers use emojis in a professional setting. Furthermore, 64% use a happy face emoji freely in conversations with colleagues. However, another survey from OfficeTeam found that 22% of staff used emojis with co-workers but not when conversing with their boss.

Brandi Britton, District President of OfficeTeam, commented: “Anecdotally, it does seem that the general usage and acceptance of emojis is growing as the years go by. Many people have become accustomed to communicating with emojis in their personal lives, so it’s not surprising that this might spill into their work lives too.

“As companies adopt different technologies for workplace communications, like instant messaging tools, it can be easier and more common for employees to use emojis with one another. But in some companies or types of industries, emojis continue to be no-nos, especially in more formal environments or those with frequent client communications. It may be tempting to go wild with the winking face or stuck-out tongue emojis at work, but consider the corporate culture, audience and topic before sending.”

What do you think? Should emojis be used at work? Tell us in the comments.

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