Nightmare employees: Bosses reveal worst workers they've dealt with

Nightmare employees: Bosses reveal worst workers they've dealt with

With work taking up a large proportion of our days - and coming with that, tiredness and stress - the odd day where we let our work personalities slip, unleashing our inner rage, can be forgiven.

However, after years of conditioning about work etiquette, knowing how to behave decently is an expectation of any boss, and human, at that.

Despite this, some employees continue to grapple with reasonable workplace rules, taking drugs in the bathroom on shifts, drink driving and being a serial latecomer.

That's according to frustrated bosses who have taken to Reddit to vent about their reckless employees, in response to an AskReddit thread titled: 'Bosses and managers, what was your worst employee like?'

A number of Redditors debated about workplace hygiene, detailing stories where they had to breach awkward conversations about using a shower.

RawPinkFlesh recalled a co-worker who “would go days without showering,” and you could tell. “Just constant body odour. Luckily, since he was so irresponsible and careless he had enough missed days with no excuse that he was let go.”

Others detailed stories about nepotism, with one company doing a favour for a client by letting his cousin in. However, it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the workers around him, SpaceCampRejects explained. “Whenever we'd ask him if he completed a task he'd either lie to us and say he did or say he didn't know how to do it and didn't want to bother any of us for help. Then he brought in all of his gaming systems into the conference room saying that clients could play them while they waited. Which would have been nice but he played games in the conference room all day."

And of course, there’s always that hard-to-get-rid-of employee who just becomes part of the furniture. User 8837 explains: “The worst employee you can have is one that doesn't do anything egregious enough to fire, but manages to make every single workday that much more aggravating.

“The worst guy had an attention span of a gnat. You had to write down instructions for everything, even tasks he'd done a million times before, and check in on him every 15 minutes or so. And yet, given these parameters, he'd complete perfect work.

“Every year during performance reviews, we'd argue about whether or not to keep him on. And every year, we'd keep him on, because the devil you know... I mean, at least we knew how to manage him, and he was manageable.”

Other horror stories collated on the thread included lifeguards falling asleep on the job, an employee that constantly hit on his co-workers and a greedy employee who stole everyone’s food.

Have you ever worked with a nightmare employee? Tell us in the comments how you handled the situation…

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