10 most common UK bad boss traits

10 most common UK bad boss traits

Glassdoor’s modus operandi – anonymous reviewing – provides the perfect platform for honesty. So, when they release data on what irritates UK employees the most about their boss, it’s best to sit up and listen.

On average, senior management is given a three out of five; company’s, on average, are awarded 3.3 out of five. This suggests that UK workers currently enjoy their companies more than their managers. But what is it that management isn’t doing right? Glassdoor set out to discover this.

They asked: how would you typically react to an annoying boss?

Two-fifths try to ignore an annoying boss, while 18% resort to gossip. 12% would confront the situation and five per cent would proactively try to get them fired.

A few consequences of boss’ bad behaviour have been: not going into work (41%: 46% of women compared to 34% of men); resigning (21%); taking sick leave (20%); and going AWOL (two per cent). Women and more likely than men (15% compared to 13%) to request a transfer.

English bosses have the highest level of inappropriate humour and make the largest proportion of sexist remarks. Welsh bosses are the laziest, according to their employees, and their Scottish contemporaries were the most negative.

David Whitby, UK Country Manager at Glassdoor, commented on the findings: “The saying ‘you don't leave your company, you leave your manager’ still holds true today. The good news is that you can become a better manager if you are willing to be self-reflective and open to feedback.

“Very few are born with the innate ability to become a natural leader, so, just like any other skill, it must be honed to help you get to where you want to be.”

Glassdoor also found out what habits the worst managers have.

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