The happiest place to work revealed

The happiest place to work revealed

The employer can only do so much to make an employee happy. Sometimes the area itself is subject to changes beyond their control.

Research into workplace happiness by Happiness Works on behalf of Robert Half UK has looked into this very issue.

The most unsatisfied workers were those based in Scotland or the South of England (17% in both locations said they were unhappy at work). One in six of those in both areas also said their work was not interesting.

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Other findings include: Londoners are the most stressed (35% say their job is stressful, four per cent higher than the national average); Northerners are most appreciated (over half of those in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster feel valued by their employer); Yorkshire and the Humber does the most worthwhile work (just under three-quarters believe their employment makes a difference); and East of England comes bottom for fairness and respect (59% feel they are treated fairly, below the national average of 67%).

But who are the happiest?

Click next to find out where the happiest employees in Britain are. 

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