7 questions you MUST make your candidates ask in a job interview

7 questions you MUST make your candidates ask in a job interview

Preparing a candidate for interview is a varied and ever-changing task. Some candidates brim with confidence, others start shaking at the thought of being grilled by a potential employer.

Yet, it’s important to remind candidates that interviews aren’t just a one-way interrogation. Savvy recruiters will remember to tell their candidates to treat interviews as a formal conversation.

It’s a chance for them to find out about the company as much as it’s a chance for the company to find out about them.

Whilst there are many things that recruiters hope their interviewees won’t say – “I didn’t visit your website”, “What do I have to do to get promoted?” and “I’m a team player” being some of the worst offenders – there are questions the best candidates, often taught by the best recruiters, will be asking.

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