The top 5 unhealthiest UK cities to work in

The top 5 unhealthiest UK cities to work in

As the old adage goes, your health is your wealth - as is your income - but whilst our jobs are filling our pockets, they’re also causing us to fill out in other ways.

Over a third of UK workers (36.4%) say they have gained weight as a result of their jobs, with almost three quarters (72.8%) stating that their job has a negative effect on their health.

According to a survey on over 1,000 UK employees by CV-Library, 37.9% admitted to eating more unhealthy food at work, with a further 34.8% saying that their job encourages them to snack a lot more.

The demographic most likely to dip into the biscuit tin were those aged 18-24 (40.4%) and 55-64 (42.7%). But it’s hard not to, with almost eight out of 10 (78.4%) saying that their colleagues often bring in unhealthy snacks to the office, rising to 83.8% in Scotland and 80.6% in Newcastle.

64.4% of Brits find their willpower strays when these treats are present; 14.9% said that they always give in, with the figure expanding to 23.5% in Wales.

However, those avoiding such temptations were most likely to be found working in healthier UK cities, which were named as Manchester (26.9%), Birmingham (26.9%) and London (16%). A portion of those surveyed said they experienced weight loss or ate more healthy food as a result of their jobs.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, comments on the research: “Weight gain at work is not uncommon, especially for those in office jobs that require little to no physical activity throughout the day. But while we all need a sugar fix every now and again, balancing this with a bit of fresh air at lunchtime can really help with productivity, especially now that the sun is beginning to shine.” 

The research also analysed where in the UK employees are wolfing down the most junk food, revealing the top five unhealthiest cities to work in.

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