Firm to embed microchips into workers to monitor them

Firm to embed microchips into workers to monitor them

Epicenter is to embed microchips into approximately 150 workers so it can monitor toilet breaks and how long they work, amongst other things, the New York Post reports.  

Patrick Mesterton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the technology company, claimed to the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) that the chips would simplify life. The chips allow workers to open doors, use office technology and even pay for their lunch.

“You can do airline fares with it, you can also go to your local gym,” he explained, “so it basically replaces a lot of things you have other communication devices for, whether it be credit cards, or keys, or things like that.”

Mesterton doesn’t believe the concept is as implausible as it may first appear. For example, he told ABC, artificial pacemakers have been around since 1958 (when Arne Larsson became the first to receive an implantable pacemaker).

“That’s a way, way more serious thing than having a small chip that can actually communicate with devices,” he reiterated.

Ben Libberton, Public Information Officer for the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at the Karolinska Institute, is not as relaxed as Mesterton. He informed ABC that the chip has the potential to compromise security and store loads of private information.

“Conceptually you could get data about your health, and you could [get] data about your whereabouts, how often you’re working, how long you’re working, if you’re taking toilet breaks and things like that,” he said.

“All of that data could conceivably be collected.

“The question is: what happens to it afterwards? What is it used for? Who is going to be using it? Who is going to be seeing it?”

Comments (4)

  • mother hubbard
    mother hubbard
    Sat, 8 Apr 2017 9:18am BST
    Minority Report anyone?
  • Lauri
    Tue, 4 Apr 2017 4:25pm BST
    I can't believe that employees have agreed to this as it seems a complete invasion of privacy or that he compares it to pacemakers that are for health reason. No way I would agree to this or endorse it! Worrying
  • Markofthebeast
    Tue, 4 Apr 2017 4:11pm BST
    You'd have to be a simpleton to agree to this - er I mean great idea....
  • Concerned
    Tue, 4 Apr 2017 2:08pm BST
    Really? Micro chips in people? Is this an April Fool? The 'benefits' such as being able to open doors or pay for lunch sound like a smoke screen for spying on people. Don't get me wrong, I am not a conspiracy theorist but I would resist such an invasion of privacy with every breath in my body. Number 6, Number 2 is monitoring you!

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