4 things your new starters should be doing

4 things your new starters should be doing

Joining a new company can be enlightening – perhaps you’ve finally landed your sought-after role, are working in one of those cool offices you’ve only ever read about (most likely on here) or you’re finally out of a job that was making you unhappy. 

Whatever your motive for change, the ‘honeymoon period' in a new company and role is always exciting, but it’s also a good time to get the ball rolling and understand exactly how you can benefit the business - rather than thinking ‘I’m the newbie round here, let me just help myself to another biscuit and watch this tutorial about how to do the job'. 

As reported in Forbes, Jeff Kauflin, drawing on his experience from when he led talent management at a marketing consulting firm, is offering four pieces of advice for the - perhaps bewildered - new starter. 

1. Ask many questions 

“If you ask many questions, not only will you learn more quickly how to do your job, you’ll show your intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm,” he enthuses. “Managers love to see these traits in everyone at a company, from entry-level employees to executives.” 

Kauflin recently spoke to Mike George, QVC’s CEO, who told him that intellectual curiosity is one of the most important criteria he looks for in executive hires. 

He suggests that if you’re worrying about interrupting your manager too much, write down the questions as they crop up and set up a meeting to go through them. 

Also, only ask relevant questions. Speaking to Glassdoor, career coach Jenn DeWall says: “Don’t ask to try and show that you have a better solution without knowing the full context and reason behind why things are done the way they are.”

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