#TheBestJobOnThePlanet: Is this every worker's ideal role?

#TheBestJobOnThePlanet: Is this every worker's ideal role?

A recent job advert has surfaced which is not just offering a new career but a whole change of life.

As reported on Joe.co.uk, the listing comes from a company called 3rd Home, a luxury property and travel club.

The advert is calling for a media savvy candidate, who knows their way around a vlog or two, to travel the world – staying in “multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes” in return for a salary of $10,000 (£8,000) per month.

Whilst the role is only for a three-month contract, the chosen applicant may also take along a guest of their choice, whilst sharing their experiences with the world through online blogs, videos and reviews.

The jobseeker must also be a self-styled “luxury connoisseur with an appreciation for the finer things in life” and have experience in international travel. Unsurprisingly, the listing on Facebook has already had a flurry of responses, with candidates flocking to post their submissions and tag their friends.

There are some job adverts that speak for themselves, without the need for the jargon of gimmicks. However, the art of crafting an ideal job advert is one which should be approached with due care and consideration.

But what exactly makes the perfect listing? Well, according to Phil Drinkwater, Director of Agency Central, it comes down to succinct uniqueness.

Speaking to Executive Grapevine, he commented: “People are busy and they are more likely to be attracted by differences. Our research suggests that recruiters could benefit greatly from ensuring that the job descriptions they write are in the region of 100-150 words.

“We would suggest keeping the information in a job ad to the minimum necessary to ensure the right candidates apply for the position. Ensure that key details of the job and the company values are included, but avoid unnecessary ‘filler’ words and sentences that don't add much to the proposition.”

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  • Dávid
    Wed, 29 Mar 2017 3:27pm BST
    I am from Slovakia and tok mé to oddelenie that I would Be thrown not only on appearance but also sympathetic empathy and the desire to live. The only flaw is that my English is poor.

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