Pret A Manger's HRD: Why so few UK jobseekers?

    Pret A Manger's HRD: Why so few UK jobseekers?

    With the offical date of Article 50's triggering now revealed, 29 March, many issues are jumping to the fore. One of these is what Brexit will mean for jobs in the retail and hospitality industries.

    Andrea Wareham, HR Director at food franchise chain Pret A Manger, recently penned a blog post for the company in which she detailed why so few British jobseekers apply for roles in places like Pret.

    “Attracting British applicants is not exclusively a Pret problem,” she mused, “and is symptomatic of a wider cultural bias. British schools and parents don’t always take careers in the hospitality industry seriously, but they really ought to. The industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years and today it is strong, dynamic and growing.”

    Wareham explained that about 20% of new jobs created in Britain since 2010 have been in hospitality, and claimed that these roles are ideal for those looking to advance in managerial roles. However, she also warned that “working in hospitality is not an easy ride”.

    Despite this, Wareham went on to note the merits and benefits candidates can expect working in the company – ranging from competitive wages to career progression and even a healthy work-life balance.

    “We take friendship and connection very seriously indeed,” she said. “Every shop has a ‘Team Joy’ budget to use to have fun together, and we host huge parties twice a year for the whole company (now around 8,000 people in the UK).”

    Pret also announced that they would be launching a new initiative - Pret’s Big Experience Week – which aims to offer 500 applicants work experience from all over the country. Wareham explained that, in response to one Question Time audience member who asked, “who will serve our coffee in Pret?”, the firm will continue to be passionate employees from a diverse and inclusive background. 

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    Comments (3)

    • Sir
      Mon, 27 Mar 2017 1:38pm BST
      " .....a new initiative - Pret’s Big Experience Week – which aims to offer 500 free workers to a vastly profitable business..."
      Tell it like it is.
    • Sir
      Mon, 27 Mar 2017 1:35pm BST
      I couldn't agree more with Forlorn Hope - clearly Wareham is so far up the ivory tower that he has completely lost sight of life for normal people.
      Yes, you too can live 3 to a room in some squalid area of London, barely affordable on NMW (or thereabouts), whilst you wait the 3-4 years to make it up the giddy chain to the £30-£40k that he speaks about.
      A few 'fun parties' just doesn't compensate.
    • Forlorn Hope
      Forlorn Hope
      Mon, 20 Mar 2017 7:08pm GMT
      They seem to be surprised that nobody wants to work for them when they only offer around £8+ an hour in London. Don't be fooled by the "but you could earn £30/£40K", as that is for a very select few who get area management jobs.

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