Impenetrable jargon putting off candidates from applying for jobs

Impenetrable jargon putting off candidates from applying for jobs

New research has shown that confusing job descriptions and impenetrable jargon are putting off young candidates from applying for jobs – The Express and Star reports.

Two out of three candidates, aged between 16- to 24-years-old, said they could not understand a role they were applying for because of confusing job descriptions.

The report, compiled by Business in the Community and City & Guilds, said many organisations “talked up” roles and made them needlessly complicated.

Some of the most confusing terms were found to be SLA (service level agreement), KPI (key performance indicator) and procurement.

Recruitment strategies were also criticised for creating unrealistic expectations.

Grace Mehanna, Business in the Community's Campaign Director - Youth Employment, said: "Understanding jargon is not a measure of a young person's potential or an indication that they are a better candidate.

"We're concerned that the prevalence of business-speak in job adverts aimed at first jobbers is a major barrier that could inadvertently screen out young people without access to working role models and networks."

A total of 80 young people rated the job descriptions of 65 companies for the report.

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  • Sir
    Mon, 20 Mar 2017 2:04pm GMT
    I sympathise. I see all Job Descriptions for my organisation and help managers get them ready for publication and use.
    A continual theme is my telling managers that the JD is the technical manual, NOT the sales brochure. What do you want this job to DO, on a practical level. Some managers do struggle to get past meaningless management waffle.
    The amount of time I spend 'de-fluffing' JDs, taking out the 'exceeding customer expectations' or 'further ****'s reputation with key stakeholders' nonsense is staggering. And as for 'going the extra mile' - well, just be grateful the job isn't on a pier.
    As I say, what is the candidate in danger of getting involved in if they join us ?

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