Having a 'ruff' day? Meet the dogs who make up this bizarre interview panel

Having a 'ruff' day? Meet the dogs who make up this bizarre interview panel

Prospective veterinary students at Edinburgh Napier University may be surprised to spot three wagging tails at the interview panel – with Labradors sitting in on the hiring process.

Simba, Tia and puppy Fern have been helping to ease tension when recruiting prospective students for the University’s lucrative veterinary nursing course.

According to staff, having dogs present has also helped to gauge how comfortable the applicant is with animals and their ability to communicate with them – BBC News reports.

Jodie Smith, Lecturer and Programme Recruitment Officer explains: "Each year we have very tough competition for places on the BSc (Hons) veterinary nursing programme.

"Incorporating dogs into the selection procedure allows applicants to display their skills in an authentic setting and greatly helps the decision-making process.

"Having dogs present in interviews, in particular good quality Labradors, tests the aptitude of potential students for dealing with animals. Their presence also helps the assessors hone in on candidates' intuitive skills for working with dogs, which make up a large proportion of the patients in any veterinary practice."

Not only are these adorable pooches easing pressure in the recruitment room, but Simba, Tia and Fern are Red Fox Labradors training with the APPAWS charity to become therapy dogs for people with autism.

The benefits of having a dog to ease pressures faced in the world of recruitment, is something TEC Group International knows all too well. Recently, they hired a ‘Chief of cuddles’ a ten-week-old puppy, who belongs to Becky Earl, Operations Manager at the firm. See below for more. 

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