Shaming ritual sees 'underperforming' employee drenched by boss

Shaming ritual sees 'underperforming' employee drenched by boss

Underperforming employees often have a reason for failing to meet business targets – whether they’re affected by personal issues, swamped with a surplus of tasks or just experiencing a bad week for business.

Reprimanding staff for being unable to meet workplace demands, however, must be done with caution as poor performance management practices can drive away talent.

In fact, managers that fail to deal with employees sensitively and fairly are causing an exodus of talent, with a 2015 Gallup study finding that approximately half of the respondents surveyed have left a job to escape a manager.

To best prevent this, HR must examine the individual’s history, to see whether they are consistently underperforming or if the case was just a one off, and with that information, create constructive feedback.

However, that’s not always the case.

During a company meeting held in a supermarket by an unnamed firm, an ‘underperforming' employee had water poured over his head by his boss, after failing to meet his sales target.

The video of the ritual, which took place in Nantong City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province, shows the man being humiliated in front of his co-workers, and has since gone viral.

The footage was filmed by one of the staff members, and shows the unnamed man’s supervisor dousing him with a large five litre bottle of water.

His colleagues, according to witnesses, were ordered to clap to show their support for the punishment – The Mirror reports.


The video of the cruel punishment can be seen on the next page…

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