HSBC CEO walks gay employee down the aisle after parents shun her

HSBC CEO walks gay employee down the aisle after parents shun her

John Li, CEO of HSBC Taiwan, has walked an employee down the aisle after her parents disowned her because she is a lesbian.  

The employee, known only as Jennifer, had been with her partner Sam for 11 years.

Jennifer explained the difficulties of coming out in Asian culture: “Before we came out we were always afraid, we were hesitant to talk about it because we were worried people might make fun of us.

“What troubled me most was my parents, because they are strongly against it. My parents have stopped communicating with me.”

Thankfully, she had a supportive workplace, and colleagues, to fall back on; Li said he would walk her down the aisle, even though same-sex marriage is not legal in East Asian state.

Jennifer continued: “[Li] was willing to walk me down the aisle, [he even] told us not to be nervous and to walk slowly.

“[HSBC] has given us so much love and warmth. We are deeply moved.”

Li’s actions align with actions HSBC Hong Kong has made to support the LGBTQ community: they built two rainbow coloured lions outside their main building. 

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