International Women's Day: ABC bans men from work

International Women's Day: ABC bans men from work

As men and women across the globe note the importance of International Women’s Day – striking, marching or celebrating – one employer has attracted criticism for its “man ban.”

Australian state network ABC has removed all male presenters and DJs for the day with the broadcaster's usual output to be fronted by a cohort of female presenters – reports New Zealand news site, Stuff.

However, Angela Mollard, Columnist and Commentator for News Corp, wasn’t happy at the move, arguing that it whitewashes over problems that women face every day.

"Most women don't need to be fed a diet of 'women only' content by 'women only' hosts to feel empowered. Rather, they want funding for their ideas, recognition for their tenacity and promotion where it's warranted."

Peta Credlin, a host for Sky, called the network “the ultimate organisation of tokenism.”

She continued: "Where's their commitment to women over the other 364 days of the year?" Surely we want the best in the media all day every day, be it men or women?[sic]"

Whilst the state broadcaster has attracted some complaints, for changing its usual male line-up in favour of female ringers, some people were encouraged by the broadcaster's female roster.

International Women’s Day 2017 is designed to help women and girls everywhere achieve their ambitions; challenge conscious and unconscious bias and call for gender balance and equality.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BeBoldForChange and exists to forge a better working world for women whilst celebrating their achievements.

Today’s celebration comes as some recognisable firms face increased scrutiny - due to claims of sexism and bias levelled against them.

Uber are currently undergoing executive-level manoeuvring in order to combat claims, by an ex-engineer, that the ride hail firm did not respond to allegations of sexual harassment.

Making a standpoint for women’s rights, protestors in Poland have gathered outside the Law and Justice department to protest discrimination against women.

Whilst a women’s strike across multiple countries has been organised to highlight the paid and unpaid roles women undertake every single day.

US President Donald Trump has also tweeted his support for the day, stating that women are “vital to the fabric of our society and our economy.”

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