Gender pay gap for celebrity sportsmen & women revealed

Gender pay gap for celebrity sportsmen & women revealed

Sportsmen and women that dedicate their lives to their passion are some of world’s best paid individuals. But whilst it may look like they have it all, there still remains a large gender disparity when it comes to remuneration. 

It’s the football industry that shows the most imbalance: the salary of a male footballer is 250 times larger than their female counterparts', according data from Ladbrokes.

Wayne Rooney, captain of both Manchester United and the England national team, takes home £306,850 a week, whereas Stephanie Houghton, captain of Manchester City's women's team and the England women's football team, makes £1,247 a week. 

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Female tennis players also feel the sting of the gender pay gap: Andy Murray, the current world number one for men's tennis, receives £253,639 a week. However, Venus Williams, also a long-running high-ranking player, makes around a tenth of Murray's weekly earnings, receiving £28,297 for seven days’ work.

This issue is also present in horse racing, where Jim Crawley makes £23,346 a week and Katie Walsh £3,825 a week; and UFC - with Conor McGregor taking home £139,611 a week and Ronda Rousey £57,535 a week. 

Athletic sportsmen and women, however, do receive equal pay - Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill both make £466 a week. Despite this, Aol News reports that Bolt's endorsements and sponsorships sees him rake in £24million compared to Ennis-Hill’s £5million. 

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For the rest of us, the latest UK gender pay gap stands at 13.9% - yet when it is expected to close is still a topic up for debate.

Recently, we asked our audience when they think the gender pay gap will close. Their predictions can be read here.


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