5 shocking reasons that made employees quit on the spot

5 shocking reasons that made employees quit on the spot

There are a multitude of factors that can cause an employee to quit.

These can include a loss of enthusiasm for the mission of the organisation, less interest in working with customers and open expression of disenchantment with their firm.

Other indicators can include criticising the employer on social media – as Susan Fowler recently did in a blog post about her ex-employer, Uber, claiming the firm's HR department didn’t take serious complaints on board.

However, sometimes there is no indication. Staff may quit on the spot because an employer is asking them to do something they perceive to be inappropriate, outside of their job remit or just plain disgusting.

We trawled Reddit to find five of the most ridiculous employer run-ins that led to them throwing in the towel on the spot.

1. Not being given time off to bury their mother

An employee asked for time off to bury his mother. However, after being refused the manager then asks the person to come back into his office. He reconsidered and decided that he would give the employee half the day off. Needless to say, the employee in question didn’t return to work. 

2. Manager has a date

McDonald’s are known for being fastidious when it comes to health and hygiene, so when a staff member was asked to bag-up the grease at the end of shift, so a manager could get to her date, they thought it was odd. This was a process that needed industrial cleaning.

Obviously, the bags split open and covered the floor in chicken, fish, burgers and other detritus from the day. The manager argued that it was the employee’s fault and they should stay after, off-the-clock, to clean the mess. The employee quit on the spot.

However, the next day, another manager rang to explain that the manager had been sacked for asking something inappropriate. The employee was re-hired and worked at the restaurant for another year. 

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