British Airways threaten to cut staff perks to stop strikes

British Airways threaten to cut staff perks to stop strikes

Strikes have dominated recent news headlines as staff at certain companies have refused to work - citing low pay, unscrupulous employment structures and poor job security.

Now, British Airways, whose staff have been striking for 11 days, are threatening to increase penalties for cabin crew who continue to strike – The Guardian reports.

With a further eight days of industrial action scheduled, BA have said they will halve punishments for staff who return to work.

Those who continue to strike are set to lose bonuses and staff perks for up to two years.

2,900 crew members in British Airway’s mixed fleet, who belong to the Unite union, are striking over alleged ‘poverty pay’ for cabin crew.

BA previously warned staff that those who participated in the first round of strikes would lose any bonus for 2016 and would see their 2017 bonuses affected. 

They would also lose three months’ worth of the “My Incentives” payments scheme, as well as perks including staff travel and discounted travel for family and friends for a year.

Unite accused the airline of bullying and bribing staff in an attempt to break the strike.

Unite regional officer Matt Smith is reported in The Guardian as saying: “Punishing workers for standing up against poverty pay in the first instance and now trying to bribe them back to work if they repent is extraordinary behaviour from an airline that once described itself as the world’s favourite.

“Our members will not be bullied or bribed into not striking by British Airways.”

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