HR most likely profession to be kept awake at night

HR most likely profession to be kept awake at night

It’s in the nature of an HR professional to care about people and their job; however, workplace anxieties are contributing to HR being kept up at night.

According to new research by Time4Sleep, 93% of HR professionals admit to being unable to sleep due to being affected by worries about work.

The study of 1,000 workers across a variety of industries, found that the sleep of HR staff is being disturbed by work woes the most, with 13% admitting that they hit their snooze button eight times on average before getting out of bed.

Other professions being affected by work-induced insomnia included marketing employees (89%), doctors/nurses/dentists (88%), lawyers (87%) and artist/designers (85%).

Teachers also made the list as being the profession most prone to worrying about the size of their workload, with over a third (38%) saying that it keeps them awake at night - reports.

Jonathan Warren, Director of Time4sleep, commented on the findings: “It can be hard leaving your workload in the office and not to think about work late at night, but it’s important we try and make our home a stress-free environment. Establishing a routine around bedtime and writing down your worries or thoughts for the day will help you unwind and make getting off to sleep easier.”

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that healthy adults with normal quality of sleep should get seven to nine hours of sleep a day, depending on their age.

However, UK employees don’t seem to be following this advice.

Over half (57%) of operations professionals say they get an average of six hours sleep or less. This was a trend also followed by accounts professionals (47%), IT workers (45%) and administration professionals (45%).

Recently we reported on the dangers of forgoing sleep, where if one night of sleep is missed, it’s cognitively the same as being too drunk to drive. Read more here.

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