Should you follow in the footsteps of George Osborne & work part-time?

Should you follow in the footsteps of George Osborne & work part-time?

770,000 high-earners currently hold down a part-time position, according to research by Timewise.

Workers earning more than £40,000 annually in a part-time role increased 5.7% this year, with two out of five managers (of the 200 asked) admitting they would consider taking on applicants for a senior role as part of a job-share.

The flexible working group found that UK firms were “tearing up” the nine-to-five rulebook that used to restrict the working hours of staff by allowing flexible working and job sharing.  

The role of HR Director at Lloyds Banking Group, for example, is shared between Alix Ainsley and Charlotte Cherry, who both work three days a week.

Timewise’s Co-Founder Karen Mattison proclaimed she was “delighted” that companies are “moving away from why people need to work flexibly, to how businesses and individuals are making it work.”

Another high-profile example of an individual who is working part-time is George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP for Tatton. He has taken up an academic fellowship at an institution with ties to former presidential candidate John McCain mere weeks after it was revealed that he would also fulfil a part-time advisory role for the world’s biggest hedge fund manager BlackRock with an estimated six-figure salary.   

His latest role has been described as “an opportunity . . . to build on his skills as a statesman and leader”, and serves as an example of the benefits that such a role brings to a leader. Osborne’s “principled leadership” was seen as “a model for the qualities promoted by the McCain Institute”.  

McCain himself said: “George has shown strong and thoughtful leadership throughout his career and proved incredibly able as [Chancellor of the Exchequer].

“At a time when the great democracies of the world are facing challenges such as we have not seen for generations, we need strong, values-driven leaders like George Osborne.” 


Image courtesy of Flickr user altogetherfool. 

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Comments (1)

  • Sir
    Tue, 31 Jan 2017 5:44pm GMT
    At a salary level of c£40k you can afford to work part time !
    Try that on NLW of £7.50 per hour (a 102 hour week to earn £40k pa before you do the maths yourself)
    All this talk of the benefits of part time working and it being the way forward is coming from the affluent minority, in jobs with wildly bloated salaries.
    I would eat cake too, if I could afford it. (with apologies to Marie Antoinette, or Rousseau, or whoever it's attributed to these days)

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