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Soft skills training: What do we know?
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Soft skills training has been a priority for L&D teams over the last 12-18 months, as indicated by LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning report – and there aren’t any signs suggesting this is to change in 2019.

Soft skills are needed to communicate, problem solve, collaborate and organise - key areas for employees to develop, particularly Millennials, if they want to progress and advance their career.
Business, communication and collaboration, leadership and management skills are high on everyone’s agenda.

What’s the best way to deliver soft skills training?

In our experience, soft skills are best learnt on the job, in-line with a person’s role; consider a manager using a training manual to learn how to prepare for appraisals or lead a remote team… doesn’t quite cut it.

Millennials favour a YouTube video over reading a book, nearly three times as likely , suggesting traditional methods of training aren’t preferred, unless delivered in a blended format. With smartphones offering on-the-go access to multimedia and the Internet, there is greater expectation for workplace training to be delivered digitally, at point of need and via all devices. This expectation puts pressure on L&D teams to provide their people with a personalised, online solution that is available on-demand.

Video learning – on-demand

Smart organisations are delivering soft skills training via video learning – company-wide and/or on a team basis, across locations and/or for individuals in the field. Video-based training helps employees learn on-the-job with the benefit of translating what they have learnt into the context of their role. They build knowledge, broaden their experiences and develop the soft skills they need to achieve and progress quickly and effectively.

Our Video On-Demand resource improves business, communication and management skills. We have a repository of over 100 MP4 video recordings capturing our award-winning soft skills-based webinars, each one delivered by one of our expert trainers; videos are available 24/7 and accessible via all devices.

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