Learning | Making the change: modernising your workplace training

Making the change: modernising your workplace training
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“Our face-to-face training is proving expensive, but how else do we deliver interactive and engaging L&D…?”

“One of our internal communication processes needs transforming, but it’s how we’ve always done it…”

Two conversations often had by those in organisations where their workplace training and processes need changing.

We all know embracing change leads to improvement, empowerment and growth, and that ignoring the need to change hinders progression and performance. So why are some organisations not putting their best foot forward?

Today’s route for change often leads to a digital solution – feet-dragging often insures due to not understanding the benefits of investing in a digital alternative. There are so many possible solutions to help modernise and bridge the face-to-face/digital gap it can be overwhelming; as can the wealth of face-to-face training material that needs converting into something more effective.

Virtual classrooms are a modern equivalent to workplace learning and offer a unique channel for circulating internal communications:

  1. They are ideal for delivering management training, skills improvement, new systems training and more, at half the cost of face-to-face learning, and twice the flexibility. It’s also relatively quick to translate existing face-to-face courses into engaging and effective live online activity, delivered as part of a blended or stand-alone offering.

  2. A virtual classroom also provides a dedicated meeting room to e-communicate in an engaging way with employees fully immersed throughout. It’s also a safe environment for attendees to feedback and not feel overtly exposed in a face-to-face setting.

Virtual classrooms give several options to create engagement, from screen sharing, showing videos and playing audio. Such an interactive approach to workplace training changes behaviour and transforms the way people learn. Forward-thinking organisations are using them to excel and invest in their people’s performance.

Company-wide meetings are also transformed into shorter, collaborative meetings hosted in a dedicated, online environment – a modern alternative to communicating initiatives. This inclusive medium for communication ensures everyone is “present” and engaged, across teams, offices and locations.

Virtual classrooms retain the personal connection gained from face-to-face contact and can provide for engaging and interactive delivery of L&D. They can be established swiftly and at low cost.

We recently ran a webinar to introduce virtual classrooms as a digital alternative for workplace training and a different approach to company communications. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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