L&D, digital solutions and consumer behaviour...

L&D, digital solutions and consumer behaviour...
L&D, digital solutions and consumer behaviour...

The digital shift and change in consumer behaviour drives technology to play a large part in refining our day-to-day time management.

Services such as Amazon Prime mean we can make a purchase and expect it to arrive at any location the following day – bite-sized online shopping at the point of need. Sky Go, Netflix and BBC/ITV iPlayer, for example, allow us to play catch-up on the move or at a home – catch-up TV on-demand across all devices.

And yet these consumer-led digital solutions aren’t influencing organisations to help better manage their people’s time and personal growth.

Insight: what we know...

  • Organisations are spending more money (and time!) to train their staff without an online intervention or digital approach to L&D.

  • Face-to-face training has real value but can be complicated to organise and costly when staff are out of the office for days of training.

  • Similarly, eLearning isn’t always the best solution for workplace learning as it can be as expensive, time consuming if poorly produced, and/or not an appropriate equivalent. It also lacks the personal interaction face-to-face training provides.

Virtual classrooms - an ideal online learning solution

Virtual classrooms (VCs) are often overlooked. They provide a remote space for learners to engage in short bursts of live training – a more effective and modern approach for learners to manage their development and time. VCs also save organisations money...

Full days of training can be transformed into interactive sessions, accessible via all devices and led by an online trainer – bite-sized online learning at point of need. These live sessions can be recorded, re-watched and referred to – online, on-demand access across all devices.

If technology plays a large part in refining our day-to-day time management – driven by our own consumer behaviour – why are some organisations not providing a similar digital approach to their people’s workplace training?

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