Top 8 benefits of a CIPD qualification

Top 8 benefits of a CIPD qualification
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Having a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is not always a prerequisite for securing a job in Human Resources or Learning and Development, but it can make the difference between getting the job or not. As lots of employers insist that candidates must have at least one CIPD qualification, whilst others are more lenient.

CIPD is the main professional body for anyone working in HR or L&D and offers courses from Level 3 to Level 7, leading to assistant roles in HR all the way up to Heads of Learning & Development. Here we list the top 8 benefits to achieving a CIPD qualification.

1. Industry recognised

As the main professional body for anyone working in HR or L&D, a qualification from CIPD is highly regarded in the industry. Our apprenticeships cover topics such as the impact of HR on business strategy, resourcing talent and performance management.

2. Results in membership

Completion of a CIPD course may result in the ability to register as a member. This adds credibility to your ability to do the job. All of our apprenticeships include membership to the CIPD, meaning you will graduate from your apprenticeship with an industry recognised qualification and CIPD membership.

3. Make your CV stand out

As you have probably gathered, a CIPD qualification is something to shout about and it can be the difference between yourself and another candidate getting the job. Therefore, including your apprenticeship qualification on your CV will automatically raise you to the top of the pile – especially if you display your CIPD membership.

4. Advance your career

A CIPD qualification can also be a step on the way to advancing your career. Not only will you attain a qualification at the beginning of your career, but you can continue to improve your own learning and development rising through the levels both in qualifications and job roles. It also can offer you the chance to gain the necessary skills to find a new career or move to another company for further progression.

5. Boost earning potential

With career advancement comes the natural pay increase. A CIPD apprenticeship can result in higher earnings upon completion and further pay rises in the following years. If you continue on the path of learning and development with qualifications up to Level 7, your pay will naturally increase as well.

6. Shows commitment

By taking the time to complete an apprenticeship, you will show your employer your commitment to the profession. A HR apprenticeship takes a lot of time and requires you to manage your time effectively. Whilst the majority of the course can be learnt during working hours, at least 20% must be completed off-the-job. This means that you will show your employer that you are willing to give up your own time in order to advance in your career.

7. Build a network of peers

In doing an apprenticeship, you are given the chance to interact with other HR professionals also on the programme. Whether this is in person during classroom sessions or via our online learning app, Hive Learning, which enables interaction with fellow apprentices from all over the country. This gives you a broad range of input into your training and can help you with queries and attaining feedback on the work you’re doing. There’s also the potential to make new friends and possibly even find a new job.

8. Flexible

An apprenticeship is flexible to fit around your commitments. With an expansion into digital learning, an apprenticeship with Arch does not require nights spent in classrooms or lengthy commutes for a 30 minute seminar over your lunch break. Through online delivery, you are able to tune into live classes from wherever you are or to a recorded version at your convenience. Online gives you access to all the resources you may need to study in your own time.

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