Transformational behaviour change at your fingertips

Transformational behaviour change at your fingertips
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Whether organisations are preparing for change, navigating through change or boldly driving change – change, fast and unfettered is the new status quo.  Most leaders are aware of their role in change, as: advocates, role models, and conveyers of inspirational messages that galvanise the masses towards a future state.  Indeed, according to a CIPD survey, “pushing strategies down to the front-line is critical for transformational change.” 1 However, in today’s rapidly changing environment, change cannot be so neatly managed.  Instead, to remain competitive, new enabling behaviours are needed across the organisation – and any supportive development activity must be widely accessible and generative in nature.

So what can help people change their behaviours in order to become more resourceful during times of unprecedented change?

Coaching is popularly used by organisations to address behavioural change, often with profound effects.  In fact 65% or organisations claimed there would be a growth in coaching in their organisations between 2015 and 2017.2 Organisations seeking to repeat their success with 1-to-1 executive coaching sometimes go on to create their own internal coaching functions whilst others incorporate coaching into their leadership commitments.  However, despite this growing interest in coaching only 3% of organisations claim that coaching is their prevailing style.3

Unfortunately, the cost of training large groups of coaches and replicating the executive coaching model on a mass scale is simply untenable for most organisations. So whilst internal coaching functions can extend the scope of coaching they rarely create the shift needed to affect behaviour on a wide scale.

Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms explains, “after extensive research, we realised that all the coaching models ‘out there’ were focused on the coachee rather than helping people to change and embrace a new behaviour themselves. In response, Notion’s STAR® model was introduced as the first ‘operational coaching’ model designed to help develop coaching as a habitual behaviour.”

Operational coaching is different from executive coaching because it happens in the moment and can take as little as 30 seconds.  Its central ‘enquiry-led approach’ encourages people to ask great questions that fosters higher levels of trust and empowerment and better equips people to respond to change.

Now learning how to apply the STAR® model is easier than ever before with STAR® Manager, the latest technological innovation in behaviour change. 

Designed by Notion, this new management development programme equips all managers with the skills to purposefully enable and develop their team, with the result of improving engagement, increasing productivity and performance.

This ground-breaking blended learning programme helps learners’ develop operational coaching skills in a virtual environment that can be accessed and followed on an individual basis - at any time, in any place, using any device, and at the learner’s own pace. 

STAR® Manager offers a scalable, flexible, cost effective learning tool with the ability to drive large scale transformational change – at your fingertips!

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