5 resolutions for safer workplace driving in 2018

5 resolutions for safer workplace driving in 2018
5 resolutions for safer workplace driving in 2018

January is always a favourite time of the year to make resolutions to improve from how we performed in the year before or to set ourselves new challenges.

In the workplace we often have new targets set and organisational goals for the year ahead. If you are responsible for looking after employees who drive for work, whether in a company vehicle or in their own vehicle, then now is a great opportunity to resolve to improve driving safety for both your employees and your organisation using our top 5 Workplace Driving Resolutions.

1.       Start with the Basics

Before we plan how we can improve it is always a good idea to start at the beginning and make sure that we are building on strong foundations. For workplace driving, this foundation has to be the Vehicle Policy. If you already have one, take the time to review it. If not, then get one sorted. If it is possible to include employee representatives affected by the Policy in writing it even better!

2.       Review last year

It’s always best to try and learn from our own experience and, unless you are brand new to running vehicles for your organisation you probably remember the things that went well last year – and those that didn’t go entirely as planned. Make a note of these experiences and consider how to replicate the good experiences and avoid those which you would rather not have to deal with again.

3.       Consider Seasonal Demands

No doubt when you are reviewing last year you will find some specific times where the pressure was greater to try and manage vehicles and drivers. These come around year and year again so why not tackle them head on and come up with an approach to deal with them. Winter is here and this is a tough one to call every year. Nobody knows whether it will snow or not but there are measures you can take to help your employees. Informing them how they can help themselves is a great start.

4.       Address Risks

There are undoubtedly some parts of looking after the vehicles for your organisation that you know could be done better. Where you know of these, the likelihood is that they are your biggest risks. Take control and address them. Are you doing the right checks? Do your employees know what their responsibilities are?

5.       Plan for 2018 Success

Whatever your business goals are, the role that your workplace drivers and vehicles play can have an effect on the overall operation. Make the most of the resources that are available to help kick start a successful 2018. A great way to get you started on the road to safer workplace driving, providing you with the latest information, tools and partners, is to implement Ambit. Find out more about how Ambit can help here.

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  • Sir
    Wed, 24 Jan 2018 9:19am GMT
    Why is this in the 'Knowledge Centre' Section, when it should be in your 'advertisements' column ?
    By the way, 1-5, never would have thought of these myself if I'd been running a car scheme. Such insight ! Thanks !