'You win. I win. We win'. Your Guide to Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

'You win. I win. We win'. Your Guide to Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict
'You win. I win. We win'. Your Guide to Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of our business and professional lives. Disagreements, divergent views, full and frank discussions – all these things can if handled with sensitivity and skill, create positive outcomes. Handled badly and the results can be damaging, destructive and dangerous.

At FTI Consulting, we have developed a series of models and approaches that provide practical, pragmatic help with managing and resolving conflicts in the workplace.

A five-step process to resolving conflict

5 principles that should guide and inform your approach to handling difficult conversations and sensitive issues


An intelligent, informed and intuitive ability to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective


Practical checklist for the things we need to do and the action we need to take before entering a difficult conversation.


Being open and honest. Confronting realities. Having face-to-face conversations and not hiding behind email or a written document.


Having and showing respect for the other person, for the importance of the issues that are being discussed and for the conversation itself.


Addressing issues directly. Saying the things that need to be said. Allowing no ‘elephants in the room’ or no-go zones.

To apply these principles you need to be able to

  • Deliver bad news or unwelcome information
  • Demonstrate full-attention, sustained, consistent, high-level listening
  • Speak with total clarity.
  • Say what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Avoid caveats, qualifiers, fudge, fuzziness and circumlocution
  • Use simple clear language, free from emotional colour
  • Create a real, productive, two-way conversation
  • Deal with denial, the attempt to minimise the importance of the issues being
  • discussed and ‘defensive reasoning’ – the attempt to explain away or to make excuses
  • Be objective and dispassionate. Maintain self-control. Dealing with their emotions, their responses and their behaviour
  • Develop the conversation. Use a four stage process
  1. Agree the problem
  2. Agree that the problem needs to be solved
  3. Agree the causes of the problem
  4. Develop solutions

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