Are you getting the on-boarding process right?

Are you getting the on-boarding process right?
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What is on-boarding?

On-boarding is the process which begins from the moment a candidate accepts a role, through to when they are fully operational.

Why does it matter?

The most critical period in recruitment starts from the moment you make the job offer. From a business perspective it can take several weeks for compliance to complete formal contracts and get them sent out, however this is a very risky period in terms of holding the applicants interest. The successful candidate may be counter offered by their current employer or a competitor who makes them feel more valued if you don’t stay in contact with them. In turn, they may just get cold feet about such a big life change, after all, we spend a lot of time in work.

How can you handle the process efficiently?

It is essential that you keep the candidate excited about the new opportunity, whilst ensuring the experience is consistent and positive as they work their notice period and complete screening.

1) Deliver a detailed offer which answers all of the most common FAQ’s and meets the candidates expectations. Consider the package, start date, job title and flexible working options.

2) Pay close attention to the compliance process to keep it speedy and clearly communicated to the candidate.

3) Decide which single point of contact will be responsible for communicating with the candidate through the ‘pre-engagement’ process to ensure they are happy and nothing is being held up. Remember to share any exciting aspects of the role they have to look forward to, for instance you may have upcoming events or socials which they will be invited to.

4) Send all the details of their first day to them well ahead of the actual date, include all the relevant advice you can give them to make their life easier. For instance, where they can park, what the dress code is and any catering options you have in the office.

5) Consider all the ways that you can make their induction detailed and informative. Tailor this to the specific role the candidate will be doing so that they have all the information they need to help them fully imbed themselves into the company and position.

6) Make certain that the candidate will be operational immediately – confirm their laptop and IT account is ready, security passes are ordered and localised permission to systems are approved.

7) Provide them with an on-boarding guide so that once they sit down and are logged in they have a clear guide of additional activities to complete such as applying for remote access, compliance modules and printing permission.

Remember that on-boarding doesn’t stop after their first day. Going forward the candidate needs to be fully supported by their line manager so that they are integrated both professionally and personally into the team, department and organisation. This could be assisted by a buddy system and scheduled regular catch ups with management. In turn, ask the individual for feedback on how they felt the on-boarding process went, there is always room for improvement and putting the effort into getting the on-boarding of a new employee right will always pay dividends. That person will immediately feel valued, creating a foundation for a long and happy career with you.  

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