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Does your business need cars and vans to operate?

Does your business need cars and vans to operate?
Promoted by Does your business need cars and vans to operate?

If so, then your drivers, other road users, members of the public, and even your organisation and its senior management are all exposed to something called Work-Related Road Risk which you need to manage.

What is Work-Related Road Risk?

At its simplest, it is the risk that one of your employees could be involved in a crash while driving for work purposes, with the potential of injury to the driver, passenger and other road users.

It comes under Health and Safety at Work legislation and so you have a legal duty to manage it properly, ensuring that your work practices don’t unwittingly endanger your drivers and, when they are behind the wheel, your employees don’t endanger other people.

In the event of a serious crash, your business and its staff could be investigated to make sure that any risks were identified and minimised as far as possible.

Around 1,750 people are killed on the roads each year and up to a third of these are thought to involve someone driving for work. Compare that to the 142 ‘occupational fatalities’ reported to the HSE in 2014/15 and it is clear there is a greater risk of death or injury while driving for work than for any other single workplace activity.

In total, almost 200,000 people are killed or injured on the UK’s roads each year. Plus, there are millions more collisions involving injuries that aren’t reported or just result in damage to vehicles and property.

Driving for business is therefore more dangerous than being a deep-sea diver, an oil rig worker or a construction worker!

» It puts your staff at risk

» It puts other road users at risk

» It costs your business a lot of money

» It puts you, your business and your reputation at risk

However, recent research by the RAC Business Club, showed that 85% of those with fleet responsibility in SME’s spend just 5 hours per week or less managing it, while trying to balance other important job responsibilities. Many struggle to cope with the stressful demands of this mixture of roles, and a lack of expertise in fleet management can mean key requirements aren’t met.

Where do I go to find out more?

Driving for Better Business is a government-backed campaign to help employers understand and manage this risk. Our website has lots of advice and tools to help you do so – and all of it is FREE!

1.Visit the website, watch the video and join our network

2.Download the FREE risk management guide

3.Complete the FREE online risk self-assessment

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