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Cleanest cars in fleet on show at CCIA

Cleanest cars in fleet on show at CCIA

Car manufacturers that are leading the way in supporting the shift to ultra-low emission fleets will be showcasing their latest models during Company Car in Action 13-14 June 2017.

Some of the cleanest cars on the market will be on show at the EV/Hybrid Review Zone where the focus will be on plug-in cars that can slash emissions and running costs for switched-on HR managers responsible for fleet vehicles.

The zone will feature models from manufacturers that are at the forefront of plug-in technology, including BMW, Ford, Kia, Nissan, PSA, Renault, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) on show will include the new Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4, the brand’s first plug-in hybrid, the Tesla Model X, known as much for its falcon wing doors as its zero-emissions capability and the Volvo XC90 T8 twin engine, one of the most powerful and efficient SUVs on the market.

What all the models have in common is the ability to progress fleet operators throughout the country to a new stage in business motoring.

In addition to the latest ultra-low emission cars, there will be a number of industry experts available to discuss the vehicles, the technology behind them and the benefits they could bring to fleets.

The launch of the zone comes as increasing numbers of companies and drivers investigate the potential benefits of plug-in vehicles.

In the past year, zone sponsor Chargemaster has reported 300% growth in its customer base as drivers switch to electric power.

Chargemaster operates the Polar network of 5,000 recharging points throughout the country, which serves around 50,000 customers.

It is at the forefront of innovations in the network, including the development of wireless charging and new payment methods, such as contactless cards.

At the zone, it will be able to brief fleets on its charging systems, including its smallest rapid charging point that can be installed without the need for planning permission.

Chargemaster recently won the contract to launch the EV Experience Centre, a multi-brand showroom in Milton Keynes, to spread the message about ULEVs.

At Company Car in Action, the EV/Hybrid Review Zone is part of a range of added-value benefits that will enhance the experience for fleet operators attending the event, which is held at Millbrook Proving Ground on June 13-14.

This includes a series of industry debates which will look at the key issues that matter to fleet operators, covering future fleet fuels and introducing new technology without compromising safety.

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EV/Hybrid Showcase will feature:

Key benefits

  • Major car brands together in one place
  • 300 models to evaluate
  • Back-to-back test drives on private tracks
  • Unaccompanied test drives
  • Suppliers who understand fleet requirements
  • Expert advice and information
  • Discover the pressing issues during great debates

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