Change Management - Keep Your Options Open

Change Management - Keep Your Options Open
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Planning ahead is all well and good, but when it comes to change management - particularly when change is large in scale and scope – flexibility is key, advises Professor of Organisational Performance at Warwick Business School and expert in the field, Dr Pietro Micheli.

Speaking in the fourth of Crown Workforce Management Systems’ ‘Talking Heads’ vlog series – a sequence on short videos designed to accompany Crown’s downloadable Roadmap to Change Management Guide – Pietro highlights the need for organisations to consider the many diverse options available to them when embarking upon a programme of change.

Says Pietro: “We often think of change as something that is quite linear – something we can plan, with a clear set of deadlines. But very often it doesn’t work out that way.” This is especially the case, he believes, when change is sizeable and extends over a period of several years.

During the film, Pietro suggests that organisations should keep their options open and consider alternative routes such as collaboration with other partners and the adoption of new technologies; software that could help facilitate the change process.

Ultimately, he recommends that change leaders try “to think of change as something that grows organically as opposed to something that you plan ahead and you just execute.”

“Pietro is keen to stress that the process of change isn’t mechanical – more so it should be considered a fluid process that will evolve and grow over time,” says Crown’s Head of Marketing, David Hughes. “It calls for involvement, engagement and motivation of the workforce. The over-riding message here is that change occurs because people trigger and shape it; there’s no definitive blueprint or perfect plan to adhere to.

“We hope that leaders responsible for driving change will find our expert voice pieces on the four core stages identified within the change management process informative and thought-provoking. In due course, we intend to make more videos available, offering further insights and practical examples of how change management best practice can be applied.”

The fourth in the ‘Talking Heads’ series of Roadmap to Change Management vlogs, ‘Considering Different Options’ can be viewed here: 

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