Technology will redefine fleet by 2020

Technology will redefine fleet by 2020
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Smart technologies to prevent or mitigate sleep-related accidents, keeping your drivers safer, even on the longest journeys.

Drowsiness is a factor in 20% of accidents on major roads. In fact, fatigue is more likely to cause fatality or serious injury than alcohol. In line with our vision that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo, we’ve developed a range of ways to keep drivers alert and focused and minimise the risk and severity of accidents.


An on-board camera tracks the road markings and compares them with the driver’s steering wheel movements. If the car does not follow the markings evenly, the system sends an alert to the driver. Driver Alert Control is primarily designed for long journeys on major roads.


If the car begins to stray across the lane markings, Lane Keeping Aid gently steers it back into the right lane. If that’s not enough (for example, if the car is going too fast because the driver has fallen asleep), the driver is warned by vibrations in the steering wheel and/or a sharp audio alert.


Building on the functionality of Driver Alert Control, if the system senses that your driving is becoming erratic and you need a rest, our new Rest Stop Guidance function will automatically give you directions to the nearest rest area via the nav functionality within Sensus.


Infrared sensors on the dashboard and rearview mirror can detect physical signs of driver fatigue by monitoring things like eye movements and head position. If the system determines that the driver is at risk, it will activate an alert and, if necessary, automatically brake or swerve to avoid or mitigate a collision.

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