'Making Sense of Change' facilitates Contribution and Commitment

'Making Sense of Change' facilitates Contribution and Commitment
Promoted by 'Making Sense of Change' facilitates Contribution and Commitment

In the third of Crown Workforce Management Systems’ ‘Talking Heads’ videos, Dr Pietro Micheli, a leading expert in organisational performance reveals why ‘Making Sense of Change’ is a key stage in the change management process.

'Expanding on the information covered within Crown’s free, downloadable guide ‘Roadmap to Change Management’, Pietro advises that in order to lead change, we need to guide the process.

“Sense-making has to be guided, otherwise people may understand change in different ways. As leaders, we must put ourselves in other people’s shoes and communicate in a way that refers to them, using terminology that people understand,” he says.

Beyond effective communication, the Associate Professor of Organisational Performance at Warwick Business School also counsels reducing anxieties and revealing the benefits that change within the workplace would bring in order to aid ‘buy-in’ and the support of those involved.

“It’s about guiding that sense that change is relevant ‘for me’. Ultimately, what we want to get through sense-giving is that contribution that people can make.”

David Hughes, Head of Marketing for Crown Workforce Management Systems hopes that such advice will resonate with organisations embracing change.

He says: “We believe that the combination of theoretical and practical advice delivered by Pietro, a respected academic, is sure to chime with organisations embarking on the change management journey – a path that relies on contribution and commitment from everyone involved.

“Continuing our ‘Talking Heads’ series, we intend to make further video blog pieces, featuring different expert voices available to help guide and support those tasked with leading change.”

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