'Recognising the individual' key to change management success

'Recognising the individual' key to change management success
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‘Communicating in a way that refers to the individual’ is core to an effective change management pathway, advises Dr Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organisational Performance at Warwick Business School.

In ‘Putting Yourself in Their Shoes’, the second of a series of ‘Talking Heads’ vlogs for Crown Workforce Management Systems aimed at assisting leaders in the change management process, Pietro highlights the importance of empathy when undertaking change.

According to the expert in organisational performance: “It’s about understanding the fact that change is not something that means the same to everybody. It is very much about connecting to individuals - everyone will make sense of change in their own ways, depending on where they are in the organisation, what their role is and so on.”

He goes on to emphasise the importance of empathy and the need to understand individual perspectives to achieve positive outcomes. When proposing change, irrespective of scale, Pietro recommends: “Explaining not just what the change is but how to go about it - it’s very much about establishing that individual connection that makes a great difference.”

Head of Marketing for Crown Workforce Management Systems, David Hughes says: “The direct, one-to-one approach adopted by Pietro in this film – the second of four, detailing key stages that organisations must navigate when implementing change – really resonates with the viewer.

“‘Putting Yourself in Their Shoes’ imparts insight and understanding, making the short video a useful companion piece to our very popular Roadmap to Change Management guide.

“Look out for ‘Making Sense of Change’ the next in our ‘Talking Heads’ series of videos and over the months to come, further advisory pieces featuring a range of different experts sharing theoretical and practical change management know-how.” 

The second in the series of Roadmap to Change Management vlogs can be seen here 


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