Event | It's Time to Register for the IHRE20 Virtual Summit!

It's Time to Register for the IHRE20 Virtual Summit!
In-House Recruitment Expo

We are excited to announce that the InHouse Recruitment Summit 2020 will take place on October 14th as a truly immersive and engaging virtual experience! Using a ground-breaking platform, our first ever virtual event will again bring our unique blend of learning, sharing, networking and the latest technology to InHouse Recruiters across the UK.

This will be a real 360-degree Summit with the audience very much included in the programme. Using all the immersive qualities that a modern platform can bring, we’ll ensure that InHouse Recruiters will not merely be viewers, but active participants in a real connected experience.

The live stream broadcast will be delivered in a TV show format, with an experienced presenter anchoring the whole event, from introducing the speakers to running polls and visitor competitions. Visitors to the platform will be able to participate by recording their own messages, insights and learnings, and will have opportunities for networking breaks, conversations and real time one-to-one chats.

A big thank you to innovative Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Enablement technology business Oleeo for being our platform sponsor, and many thanks also to VGS RPO and Recruitive for being our silver and bronze sponsors respectively. All three businesses are helping us bring this unique event to you.

2020 has been a challenging year for InHouse Recruiters everywhere. Some have seen hiring freezes, others have looked to fill openings within businesses uncertain over their future plans, whilst an increasing number of candidates have entered the job market. Social distancing measures, and the resulting increase in remote working, has meant that recruitment processes need to be virtual, digital and engaging with research indicating that whilst candidates are happy to join organisations without having physically met their new team, they are finding video interviews more stressful.

In the learning zones, our platform sponsors Oleeo will be running a seminar explaining how to eradicate recruiting inefficiencies and protect the candidate experience during uncertain times, whilst the FIRM will share their latest research and insights showing where recruiters should focus their efforts and capabilities. We will have experienced speakers talking about Diversity and Inclusion, including Philip Wilson of the Civil Service Fast Stream and Early Talent, who will describe how the Civil Service has delivered a D&I strategy in the early talent space, maximising attraction, representation and inclusion. Toby Mildon will share the 7 best practices on how to hardwire inclusion into an organisation, and why it is crucial to the futureproofing of your business.

Talent Acquisition capabilities will be put under the spotlight by Stewart Jones of Insource Talent, who will show you where the capability gaps are your organisation, and where you could be carrying pockets of ‘recruitment risk’, meanwhile Paul Thorley of the Education Development Trust will explain how they have been planning and pooling talent for international projects. In another session Karen Moran of Disruptive HR will be analysing the new skills and mindsets that the InHouse Recruiters need in 2020.

In the Masterclass Theatre, Rebecca Fielding of Gradconsult will offer her top tips for improving University partnerships, whilst Steve McNally will explore the authentic and sustainable ways in which you can tell your employment story through using employee advocacy. Craig Hughes of National Care Group will be looking beyond the CV and sharing insights on how to recruit people with the right core values and right skillsets. We will also hear sessions on Employer Brand and EVP during a time of uncertainty, answering questions such as what an EVP looks like when people are working remotely, and how important Employer Brand and Candidate Experience are when people are losing their jobs?


If you want to find out how the latest recruitment technology can help your organisation then you can schedule virtual meetings, demos and chats with our sponsors. But hurry! Access to our Virtual Summit is free, but capacity is currently limited to 1,000 visitors and registrations are already arriving thick and fast.

In uncertain times, you really can’t afford to miss out on this unique learning and networking event, so make sure you register straight away before we reach full capacity. We look forward to seeing you there. Virtually, of course!

To access IHRE20 Summit VE go to: https://eventdata.uk/Forms/Form.aspx?FormRef=IHRA0Visitor

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