Performance | 5 ways to empower your people

5 ways to empower your people

People empowerment is something all progressive firms want – understanding that the success of their people is the success of their organisation.

However, achieving this is easier said than done. How can employers empower their people to work effectively, be innovative and take responsibility for their own success? Is this easily measured? Is it something you want? And, in this period of huge disruption, what does empowerment look like through digital or remote means?

Luckily, HR Grapevine has brought together the experts to help answer some of these pressing, strategic questions. Read on to find out the 5 ways in which you can achieve people empowerment. 

1. Build a people-empowerment strategy with learning and upskilling in mind

In order to create a positive shift in the way your people work, it is important to encourage and enhance learning and development within the workplace. Offering employees ways that they can gain knowledge and responsibility, as part of your people-empowerment strategy, will boost their confidence and will have positive result on business performance. 

To find out how a sound and measurable people-empowerment strategy can be created, in a world of digital transformation, join the panel discussion “How People Empowerment will transform your business” on Tuesday 3rd November at 10am GMT with Sam Sheriff, Chief People Officer at Symphony RetailAI and Steve Rycroft, Senior Director of Account Management at Cornerstone – register for free below.

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2. Understand where the future of work is going and adapt, taking your people along with you

Although HR has always been a function of constant evolution, today’s new challenges have made managing change and uncertainty more important than ever. HR professionals are expected to create a strategy for the future that centres on top priorities and understands where the biggest shifts will be. 

To understand how to do this, join Jenny Johnstone, Global Colleague Engagement Director at Sage for this panel discussion “The Emerging People Strategy” on Tuesday 3rd November at 10:45am GMT. You won’t want to miss out on additional insights from Jess Fuhl, Head of Content for Sage People, Gaynor Bailey, Head of Operations and Employee Engagement at Channel Four and Helen Armstrong, MD of Silver Cloud HR – register for free below.

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3. Embrace digital transformation

The pandemic forced many firms, whether they wanted to or not, into digital ways of working. For many organisations, this will have had a detrimental effect on employee engagement and productivity, and it is HR’s duty to support their people and continue the digital transformation journey. 

In order to figure out what impact coronavirus has had on HR’s need and ability to digitally transform – including a look at what comes next - join the discussion “What impact has the pandemic had on digital HR transformation?” with HR transformation and technology leaders from IBM, Tate & Lyle and Workday. This will take place on Tuesday 3rd November at 12:00pm GMT, you can register below.

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4. Continuously listen and find ways to improve the employee experience in real-time

As the world of work evolves, organisations need to change the way they are communicating with employees, and technology exists as an enabler in building a better employee experience. Many firms learnt this lesson the hard way this year, and now know that an empowered workforce is one that enables its people with information and transparency. 

Join Qualtrics, the Forrester Wave leaders in Employee XM, on Tuesday 3rd November at 12:45pm GMT for a session on “Keeping your people engaged during disruption” – register for free below.

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5. Agility is key to people empowerment and boosting workforce productivity

‘Agile’ isn’t just a buzzword. Many of the firms that are thriving in this new world of work, are being just that. In a world where work is remote or blended – agile performance management can boost productivity, if implemented correctly. It also gives your people the power to make the right decisions for themselves and the business, too. 

Find out how to implement an agile approach to performance management for your remote workforce by joining this panel discussion “Performance Management in the new world of work” with Stuart Hearn, CEO & Founder at Clear Review and Natasha Wallace, Founder, Author and Workplace Wellbeing Expert at Conscious Works on Wednesday 4th November at 10am GMT – register for free below. 

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Come and explore these opportunities with HR leaders and technology experts for a virtual event that will show you how you can empower your people to boost business performance.

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