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Benchmarking the HR response to Coronavirus
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A new benchmarking report covering the response of HR and business to the Coronavirus outbreak is now available to download free of charge from HR DataHub.

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The survey was run 18-25 March 2020 with data collected from 100 companies (representing 1m employees).

This was a volatile period where the UK and indeed the whole world was starting to feel the impact of the COVID-19 virus. In just one week we saw fundamental changes to business, society and the introduction of an unprecedented series of measures from the UK government.

The data in this report reflects the responses from companies during this period however a second edition will be published to capture the impact post these events.

To do this HR Datahub needs your help.

Please take 5 minutes to complete an anonymous survey so we can have a greater understanding the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and their people.  The deadline is Friday 3rd April.

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Over the coming weeks HR DataHub will also be launching a COVID-19 document library and forum so you can quickly access data and help when you need it.

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Some of the insights from the first survey are shown below as well as a chart looking at what measures companies are putting place as a result of the crisis.

Hopefully the first report will provide some insights that will help you to support your colleagues/business at this difficult time.  Please do help to provide further insights by taking 5 minutes to complete the second survey.

Ten insights from the first survey:

  1. Generally, the picture looks very bleak with almost all of the companies implementing some drastic measures to make sure their business makes it through the COVID-19 crisis.

  2. A positive trend is the large number of companies upskilling their colleagues, so they have the opportunity to take on new roles.

  3. We did expect that the outlook to be more positive given the range and depth of the government measures put in place. However, involuntary redundancy only dropped by 1% and recruitment freeze jumped by 10% for those companies that participated in the survey past the government announcements.

  4. As expected, the hospitality industry has been the hardest hit with 91% of companies implementing a wide range of drastic measures

  5. It is great to see that 81% of companies are still providing full pay even if colleagues are unable to work on premises or at home.

  6. Around 70% of companies have stated that there are no plans to cancel or defer bonus payments.

  7. The vast majority of companies are not using their current absence policy to manage the crisis.  Companies are putting in place measures that best support their business and colleagues regardless of current policy/process.

  8. Great to see that the majority of companies are providing training for colleagues on how best to work from home and for managers on how to stay engaged with their teams.

  9. The majority of companies had no business continuity plan in place should a pandemic occur. Most of the companies who did have a plan stated that it had a positive impact on their business as they were able to mobilise quickly.

  10. The majority of companies are communicating on a daily basis, but this may become less frequent as the business and crisis becomes less volatile.

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