Culture of engagement | How to become an effective leader in 2023

How to become an effective leader in 2023

In today’s world, change is coming harder, faster, and more frequently than ever. Employees are rightfully asking, “Do I have the energy to go through this again?” Now more than ever, employees need to engage and be able to go forward in the context of the opportunity to help the organisation implement change. Read on to discover how leaders can enhance their leadership effectiveness, build engagement, and drive organisational growth.

Leaders in today’s business environment are in the human energy business and are called on to build a sense of engagement. Energy, not time, is the currency of engagement. Better engagement creates better productivity.

So, it’s simple, right? Engage the employees, and it’s good enough. Well, not really.

The catch here is one cannot force engagement. People choose to be engaged or not. Being in the human energy business, leaders need to understand why people choose to stay and engage. They need to understand their employees’ perspectives. They need to take on the challenge to create the conditions in which people choose to be engaged.

But, beyond just empathizing with employees, today's leaders have some work to do on their own. They need to make their own choice to be engaged and be proactive in deciding to lead the organisation toward a culture of engagement.

To learn how choice works for employees and how leaders can increase their own effectiveness, download our free Engagement Starts With Your Leaders pdf now.

It describes Wilson Learning’s Choice Model and the levels of leadership, which can help leaders boost employee engagement, create a culture that works best for their organisation, and make optimum use of opportunities coming their way in 2023.

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