Social media presence | 5 quick tips to make your LinkedIn profile diversity friendly

5 quick tips to make your LinkedIn profile diversity friendly

According to a survey by, 86% of job seekers say they factor an employer’s reputation on DEI into their job search. The modern jobseeker is likely to be as interested in the purpose and values of an employer, as they are the salary and benefits on offer for any vacancy they might have.

The tough recruitment market is forcing more recruiters to develop a recruitment strategy that includes advertising for active candidates, alongside searching and approaching passive talent on sites like

Does your profile promote you as an inclusive recruiter?

Your individual profile is key to making a great first impression when approaching people on LinkedIn, but what does your LinkedIn profile say about how committed you and your employer are to the issue of Diversity and Inclusion?

Here are some tips if you want to ensure your profile communicates that you are an inclusive recruiter:

1. Welcome video

Cover stories are a new and rarely used feature on LinkedIn, but you can now add a video to your LinkedIn profile photo, recording a message of up to 30 seconds. This is easily long enough to introduce yourself, mention your employer and highlight that you have an inclusive culture.

Click here for the LinkedIn help guide to adding a cover story

2. Inclusive background image

Your background image has a huge visual impact on your profile and is seen by every person that views you on LinkedIn. Below is a great example from Carla from Hymans Robertson that promotes them as an inclusive organisation.

3. Headline

Here is a great example of how to write an inclusive headline from Raph Frascogna:

Your headline is a key part of your profile and also appears in LinkedIn search results, see:

4. Pronouns

You can add your preferred Pronouns to your LinkedIn profile. This helps highlight to any viewer what your preferred pronouns are as well as highlighting that you are an ally to the trans community.

There is a specific field in the intro section of your profile, where you can choose your preferred pronouns.

Here is how it looks once you have updated this:

5. Pinned/Featured posts

If diversity and inclusion is important to your organisation, you are likely posting about this on LinkedIn. All recruiters should be posting updates to LinkedIn and be thinking about which of these posts they want to “pin” as a featured post. As you can see from the example below, this helps you promote some key messages and backs up the sentiment in all the above branding updates (headline, background image etc).

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