Wellbeing | The symbiotic relationship between health and performance

The symbiotic relationship between health and performance

You can’t be a healthy organisation if your people are unhealthy, and equally, individuals can’t be healthy if they are working at an unhealthy workplace.

From our data driven diagnostics we have found a clear symbiotic relationship between health and performance, where the best way to ensure long-term success, is to make sure your employees are healthy and working in a healthy environment.

With this framework in mind, it is possible to improve the health and productivity of your employees and therefore, focus on organisational development, to increase the work capacity of the overall system. However, we understand that health is such a broad term that seems to have become a buzzword due to Covid-19 having an impact on both mental and physical health. Therefore we have distilled health into four clear components: purpose; mental resilience; connection; and physical health.

A healthy organisation is one where healthy individuals can flourish. We define a healthy organisation as one that enables its human capital, as in its people, to sustainably deliver on its objectives.

So how does it enable this sustainability? Well there's three critical factors that it needs to consider:

1. Its vision for its employee health

It will provide a crystal-clear picture of how health is intertwined with the company's mission and values and how it contributes to its success. It will be evident that the organisation's leaders are healthy role models and are emotionally connected to this mission.

2. How it promotes that vision

A holistic definition of health should be promoted, where purpose, mental resilience, connection, and physical well-being are all embraced. It employs the newest marketing and branding approaches to promote actual behavioral change by moving individuals from awareness to action through a participative approach.

3. How it supports that vision

There should be many resources available to aid employees in their quest for improved health. It is possible for every organisation to be a healthy place to work if it focuses on aligning employee results with organisational outcomes, matching resources to demands, and investing in a wide range of health activities.

Having a model focusing on the health and wellbeing of the employees has been shown to have many benefits within an organisation. In addition to reducing absenteeism and attrition, the model increases individual and collective productivity, effectiveness, as well as long-term viability. This is because it's all about establishing a healthy environment in which people may thrive and is action-oriented and geared toward improving the health of employees resulting in improved health of the organisation as a whole and enhanced overall performance. Employers can also increase the return on their talent acquisition and retention efforts by building a strong employer brand through their health focused approach. Potential employees can reasonably expect the workplace to be somewhere that will support them to be healthy individuals and allow them deliver their best work resulting in high purpose, meaning and coherence. When you're a healthy workplace, you can accomplish incredible achievement.

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