Wellbeing | Fertifa launches the UK's first Workplace Fertility Community

Fertifa launches the UK's first Workplace Fertility Community
Promoted by Fertifa launches the UK's first Workplace Fertility Community

7 September, 2020 (London, UK) - Fertifa is proud to announce the launch of the UK’s first Workplace Fertility Community, a not-for-profit initiative whose mission is to transform fertility & family wellbeing in the workplace, break down the taboo surrounding fertility issues and empower everyone to be proactive when it comes to reproductive health.

Fertility issues are likely to be affecting a significant number of employees in every workplace:

  • Fertility challenges can affect anyone: men, women, same sex couples, single people and single parents.

  • 1 in 6 couples – or 3.5 million people1 – have experienced fertility challenges and over 70,000 IVF cycles2 are carried out each year in the UK.

  • LGBT+ employees who would like to start a family will need donor conception, surrogacy or adoption support.

  • 90% of individuals encountering fertility issues experience some level of depression and 43% feel suicidal3.

Yet employers are not fully recognising the impact this has on their business or providing adequate support:

The significant number of employees impacted by fertility issues is a major challenge for employers and yet it remains a taboo subject. Employee assistance programmes, private medical insurance and the NHS do not provide appropriate solutions. Fewer than 30% of organisations have a workplace fertility policy in place4. This leads to employees having to make significant requests for additional leaves and sometimes quit their jobs altogether.

Proactively addressing employee fertility challenges has many benefits for employers:

Absenteeism falls, workplace barriers are overcome and productivity increases. Offering guidance on fertility challenges, which often disproportionately impact women in the workplace, also positively supports the corporate agenda and regulatory frameworks around gender balance and diversity and inclusion.

It helps to create a more caring organisation and signals a strong focus on employee wellbeing. Companies attract top talents and initiatives help to support the retention of existing employees.

The new Workplace Fertility Community

We understand that for many employers taking the first steps towards building a supportive, open dialogue and integrated support system for employees can feel like a mountain to climb. The Community was founded to offer its members free access to peer networking opportunities, a series of educational events and both informal and formal support on any questions related to workplace fertility. We’re honoured to have a group of senior leaders and professionals steering the community. They come from a range of industries who have all experienced first-hand the impact that fertility challenges can have on employees, ensuring that members gain access to the most up-to-date and tried-and-tested approaches to breaking the taboo, contributing to a truly holistic health and wellbeing ecosystem in the workplace.

  • Gwenda Burns, CEO at Fertility Network UK

  • Helen Burgess, Partner at Shoosmiths

  • Bruce Eaton, Director at Health Pulse Services

  • Helen Beedham, Writer, Speaker and Fertility Ambassador

  • Hortense Thorpe, Procurement Business Partner at Centrica and Founder of Centrica Fertility Group

The Workplace Fertility Community needs you today!

Whether you’re an HR or employee benefits professional, or have an interest in championing fertility in your organisation, register here today to find out more and shape the future of workplace support. The Community’s launch event will be on 28 September 2020 at 10am, held remotely via webinar.

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