Expert insight | Tips and advice when implementing an e-recruitment solution

Tips and advice when implementing an e-recruitment solution

In this insight, we look at preparing to implement or replacing a recruitment system and asked Eploy’s host of experts for advice on common questions and how best to approach a project of this type.

How long will a recruitment system implementation project take?

Ultimately it depends on the complexities of your organisation and how you decide to implement your plan. We have worked with customers who have achieved a rapid implementation of the core Eploy recruitment platform in a matter of days with a clear plan for the subsequent roll-out of additional functionality such as onboarding, talent pooling, integrations, multi-posting, etc. This incremental implementation approach is a perfect choice if you need a recruitment system speedily and want to configure and adapt the solution as you grow. All the essential features you will need for a typical recruitment process are available from the start – enabling you to get up and running in just a few days.

We also have experience of more complex e-recruitment implementations that are typically delivered within 12 weeks that can include multiple brands under one parent company that require customisations for many recruitment workflows. Both are achievable. Here are some tips for how:

  • Work with your vendor to scope out the project phases of development, build, testing, training days – and the level of support you require.

  • Have a clear project plan with a built-in contingency, clearly assigned roles with agreed aims and objectives, and where possible a project manager to lead the work and drive the project.

  • An out of the box solution with little or no customisation will provide benefits and can be implemented quickly. If you have a phased approach with an out of the box solution be clear on the steps to deliver all that you need.

  • Set realistic timescales, especially if you are doing a day job at the same time as the project, and get the buy-in from the stakeholders from the start (Recruitment, Project Manager/Lead, HR Teams, Hiring Manager’s and IT).

How to identify all of the needs of the project

You need to have a clear end goal in mind to then work backward from this, building out deliverables and smart objectives for each stage.

Early engagement with stakeholders to understand and gather requirements around why you are looking to implement/replace a system and the challenges you want to address will lead to greater success.

If you are reviewing and updating your recruitment processes as part of the implementation, you need to factor in the time to review, test, and get approval of your new processes.
Are there any technical considerations, such as system integrations? Make sure you involve the right people early on if this is relevant.

How to deliver a recruitment solution that considers all audiences – candidates, hiring managers, HR teams, etc.

Whether directly recruiting themselves or needing access to parts of the recruitment platform, your stakeholders should be involved in the information gathering stage. However big or small their role within recruitment, involving them will ensure you get them engaged and understand requirements.

Get feedback on existing systems/processes in place, which includes feedback from candidates who were successful, unsuccessful, or dropped out of the process.

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There are checklists for Candidates, Hiring Managers and Recruitment Marketers.

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