2021 Insights | Book your place on the Candidate Attraction Webinar

Book your place on the Candidate Attraction Webinar

We have conducted a major study into UK trends and tactics for candidate attraction within in house and agency recruitment teams for the past five years.

The result is the UK Candidate Attraction Report, an in-depth look at which advertising channels, techniques and recruitment marketing strategies deliver the best results in each industry. Clearly, 2020 was a very different year, so it will be interesting to see what changed within the world of candidate attraction and hiring.

In total, we received over 800 responses, and we are currently crunching the data and preparing the new report.

On the 25 February, at 11.00am, we invite you to join us on a webinar to share the headline results, including:

  • The top challenges in candidate sourcing and how this compares to previous years.

  • Which sourcing channels provide the best quantity and quality of candidates.

  • The candidate sourcing workflow - when recruiters are presented with a new job to work on, what are the tools that they reach for first and what do they do to expand their reach?

Here’s a quick insight into some of the data we’ll be sharing:

  • Over the next 12 months, 46% of respondents expect their level of hiring to increase.

  • However, 35% of recruitment teams face a reduction in their recruitment marketing budget.

  • As seen in previous years, scarcity of qualified candidates is among the biggest challenges in many industries. However, many companies are now struggling to cope with an increase in the number of applications for their advertised roles.

We will cover many more findings during the webinar, so don’t delay in booking your place. It will be 60 minutes well spent. All attendees will get first access to the free, 70+ page report, which includes a detailed breakdown by industry sector and company size.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, Recruiters, HRBP’s, Talent Acquisition, Heads of Recruitment – we couldn’t do it without you. We look forward to sharing both the early findings and the full report with you soon.

Register for the webinar here

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