Talent management | The sobering reality of poor candidate experience

The sobering reality of poor candidate experience

Poor candidate experience can have a detrimental effect on your business and the need to make sure that everyone has a positive experience is paramount.

In this insight, we explore what constitutes a poor candidate experience and the sobering reality of not getting it right.

What constitutes a poor candidate experience?

The impact and cost of a poor candidate experience can be anything from a candidate not buying a company’s products or services, to talking negatively about the interaction with your company/brand to many others, or even leaving negative reviews publicly.

Another element to consider is if a candidate is on the receiving end of a bad experience and decides to withdraw from the application process. Withdrawal could be because of a lengthy interview process, disjointed communications, or a confusing job description. This is not only a wasted opportunity but will have an impact on your recruitment goals and budget too.

We know that good candidates are getting harder to come by from the latest UK Candidate Attraction Report. Understanding how we can make our candidate experience better, to prevent good candidates withdrawing from the process or becoming part of our talent pool, can mean the difference of a healthy and unhealthy talent pool – and of course better use of resources.

There are many examples of what constitutes a bad candidate experience. Here are a few points to act as a checklist:

  • The application process - how do candidates rate your application process? Do you always seek feedback?

  • Communication - how do candidates rate your post-application communications? Consistent and timely?

  • Do you know your application drop off rate? Is there a pattern to drop off?

  • Is time to offer acceptance contributing to a bad candidate experience?

  • Engagement - how likely are candidates to apply again based on their experience? How likely are they to refer you to others?

The cost of a poor candidate experience

Is there a cost to lousy candidate experience in the form of lost revenue? Well, yes, there is. A well-reported example is that of Virgin Media who calculated the value of bad experience. Using data and analytics, they calculated that they could be losing £4.4m per year through a bad candidate experience. While this might not be as easy for some to calculate, it is a great reference point when creating the case for better candidate experience.

How to enhance your candidate experience

Measurement of candidate experience and understanding the commercial experience of getting it wrong is essential. Go ‘undercover’ and through the recruitment experience yourself.  Consider all the touchpoints – pre-interview, post-interview, before hiring and after hire.

Take a closer look at your recruiting processes and feedback from candidates about their experience. Use credible data and management information to support changes for improving your candidate experience.

We have some further hints and tips for keeping candidates informed, improving response handling and having a smooth application process. And don’t forget to download your free report into attracting candidates, top recruitment challenges and insight into getting the best candidates first! 

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