Technology | Managing multi-brand recruitment through a careers site - what do you need to consider?

Managing multi-brand recruitment through a careers site - what do you need to consider?

The marketing of two or more brands, belonging to the same or related category, by a company is called multi-branding.

In this insight we look at the options to approach multi-brand recruitment through a careers site and an ATS/E-Recruitment solution.

Multi Branding Explained

Marketing of two or more similar, potentially competing products by the same firm under different and unrelated brands can have an impact on how an organisation positions itself in the market. Multi-branding poses significant challenges in the area of recruitment – fining the right talent for the right brand for example.

From a consumer perspective, the overlapping of brands may confuse and cause a consumer to switch to a brand outside the company’s portfolio. Similarly, candidates can easily get mixed messages from multi-branded companies. Like the need for a clear business proposition, the same applies to a recruitment strategy. An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that defines the overall organisation should share what is different about your organisation and what it stands for. It also needs to communicate the sub-brand values that a candidate will consider when deciding whether to apply for a role.

When deciding how to structure your recruitment process, workflows, career site and candidate experience it pays to have a clear structure. Your careers site (or sites) should support your recruitment strategy and provide a great candidate experience that consistently communicates the employer brand to attract the best talent.

There are many options for how multi-brand recruitment can be managed through your careers site and a good starting point is to look at your internal structure and how this needs to be supported.

Points to consider

1. Do you have a clear EVP to differentiate what you offer as an organisation and the difference between sub-brands?

2. Will a separate stand-alone careers site dilute the brands and its appeal to the target market?

3. By splitting brands will you have to work harder to connect with your target audience? A portfolio of brands under one website could reach far more people than a series of smaller individual websites.

4. Does your organisation need to manage separate brands and unique journeys through the same recruitment system? Separate designs tailored for each brand could be an option – or will a tailored approach such as micro sites based on the number of brands and complexities of your organisational structure be best?

5. Will a group talent pool work? This might depend on the type of roles and location of roles you are recruiting for and would need to be GDPR compliant with how candidate’s personal data would be used.

These are just a few points to consider and the key is to involve business stakeholders in the planning stage to prevent costly mistakes.

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