Candidate attraction | What are the best channels to attract top talent?

What are the best channels to attract top talent?
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Attracting the right candidates can be tricky and costly, therefore access to the free 2018 Candidate Attraction Report should help you to benchmark against peers and challenge your thinking for candidate attraction strategies.

The 2018 UK Candidate Attraction Report looks at the top sourcing channels and for the third year running, Employee Referral Programmes are providing the best quality of candidates.

This year the survey did see a dip in the number of companies with an active ERP (61% down from 70% in 2017) – but they are still a reliable source of talent that increases the speed of the recruitment process. The quantity of candidates attracted through Employee Referral Programmes is still however lagging behind many other channels.

For quantity, Job Aggregators overtook the Generalist Job Boards as the supplier of the greatest volume of candidates - but there’s a distinct trade-off for quality with both these channels. CV Databases and Specialist Job Boards both moved into the ‘Talent Magnets’ zone this year as good sources of the right kinds of candidates for many in-house teams.

Employee Referral Programmes are designed to encourage employees to help source potential candidates via their networks, in exchange for a ‘reward’ for successful participation. The free 70 page Candidate Attraction Report looks at this sourcing channel in some depth and shares usage by industry in an easy to view chart.

There is a big gap from the highest usage, Technology/Telecoms (97%) and lower usage example; Education (23%). Delving deeper, there is very little difference in the size of an organisation and the results reported. Larger companies get a little closer to receiving sufficient referred candidates for their roles but overall all are within the top left hand quadrant (above average performance). It should be remembered that depending on the type of role you are recruiting for will impact the ideal point in the quadrant – e.g. higher volume, lower skill roles might warrant sacrificing quality for quantity.

Job Aggregators are featured in the report for the first time this year and show widespread usage across most industries. As a general rule, the report results show that paying to sponsor ads on the aggregators will yield slightly better results (with some industry exceptions). Job Aggregators often produce the highest volume of applicants, although reported candidate quality is often low. Another point worth noting is that the size of an organisation does impact results with companies between 5,001 – 10,000 FTE fairing best. See page 45 & 55 of the report for the full breakdown in easy to read quadrants.

This is just a snapshot of two channels featured in the report, which saw a 20% increase in survey responses - over 850 recruitment professionals took part. Download your free copy today for planning your talent attraction strategy.

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